Celebrity Style. Some Former WTF Offenders Make Amends… And Some Don’t.

July 22, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Lately, Ashanti has had a penchant for outfits that are totally unflattering, and also appear to be a size or two too small. But this week, she classed it up with a summery, white eyelet sundress that actually fit!


The full skirt is much more flattering than the high-waisted shorts and skinny jeans we’ve seen on her before. And she came through with some not-too-bad makeup and hair, too! It’s still a little busty, and we’re not too sure about the accessories, but it’s a step in the right direction. We applaud a turn-around performance, and we hope the trend continues!

However, at the Days of Thunder Country Musical Festival, previous offenders Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson continued to let us down. After this orange-ruffles-gone-wrong top at the CMA Awards, Underwood made another mistake with this black one-piece.


Even though it is a stage outfit, we still take issue with a satin jumpsuit. It also doesn’t seem to fit quite properly and looks unfinished without a belt in those belt-loops. Also, thigh high boots outdoors during the dog days of summer? You’d have to be crazy! Well, at least they provide a place to put her microphone battery pack…?

Next comes Simpson. Even though she’s been flying somewhat under the radar lately, remember these busty catastrophes? Now, trying to reinvent herself as a country star, she’s taking on the bad sartorial habits of that set. Namely, cutoff jean shorts.


It’s like she dressed her former part of Daisy Duke to convince country fans that she really is a country singer! New flash: country musicians do not have to dress like caricatures of… country musicians. Then, Simpson changed outfits her shirt for her nighttime performance.


It almost makes us miss the plaid shirt. And those nude boots are just unjustifiable, no matter how great your legs are.

We recommend they follow Ashanti’s lead!

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  1. Dena says:

    Jessica Simpson is milking the cowgirl thing!

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