Celebrity Style. Sold Out Too Soon?

July 23, 2008 • Celebrity Style


After the demise of Perez Hilton’s line for Hot Topic, this should come as no surprise. Avril Lavigne’s similarly styled line–you know, a lot of pink, black, and crap–has hit the sale rack at Kohl’s. According to The Cut at New York Magazine,  pieces like these from the Abbey Dawn collection aren’t selling like hotcakes.


"The suspenders tee you see here was $24 but is now $15.60. The lightning-bolt Capris were $36 but were marked down to $23.40. And
the leopard tank was $30 but are now $19.50." You must be shocked by this poor performance.

Although we aren’t so sad for Avril, we are sad for Kohl’s. It seems they banked on Lavigne’s celebrity status a little too soon. Not only are her clothes failing to sell, apparently her concert tickets are, too. Kohl’s will have to find a new strategy, other than celeb desginers, to stay afloat during the market conundrum.

Source: NYMag.com

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  1. Karen says:

    You silly article poster, Avril Lavigne’s line at Kohls was not even officially released until July 27th, 2008 and your article is dated July, 23rd, 2008. And the latest news is that the line at Kohls is that it is selling very very well. In fact it is big hit! Perhaps you should get your facts straight be for posting false information.

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