PR Preview. Predictions for Tonight’s Runway.

July 23, 2008 • Lifestyle


Since last week’s scenes from next week, I have been trying to piece together what the challenge could be tonight that would be a Project Runway first. Knowing it was an eco-friendly challenge as well, I thought it must be that the designers didn’t get to choose their own fabrics. Either they would be supplied with the same green materials, or a dirty hippie would pick the cloth for the designer they were paired with. Wouldn’t it be great if every designer had the exact same materials to use? That would be a true test of who was the most creative.

This video does little to dispel that theory! It appears someone outside of the fashion world will be picking material for the contestants. If you are anti-spoiler, this video will show you which models are the bottom two to be chosen, but not who is auf’d. Listen to see if one of the models names sounds like "Carpaccio" to you, too. The vid keeps the designs a surprise– however, it does show Jerell making an excellent use of the word "salty," and someone bitching about how presumably Stella only wants to use leather, which clearly is not eco/PETA friendly. We can’t wait to see more of her rock’n’roll Eeyore act tonight!

What else will we see? Tears, accusations, and models getting burned by the steam machine. Also to look forward to tonight? Arguably the biggest celebrity who has ever been on show, the loveable Natalie Portman. If I had to blindly pick a loser for this week, I’d go with Jennifer or Leanne. Since we’ve only seen one look, I don’t know much about their design prowess, but those two just seem too sweet for this competition.

What do you predict for the show? All I know for sure is that I can’t wait!

– Hayley Wells


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  1. Gretta says:

    I predict that Heidi will show up wearing panties and a tank top. Her dresses seem to get shorter and shorter with every trailer I see for the show!

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