Finds on a Dime. Not Boring the Board Meeting

July 24, 2008 • Fashion


Rachel Yeomans for Second City Style Magazine

I have started to become bored with my wardrobe. I wear the same
outfits for work at least two times a week, and I have my canned go-to
ensembles for work events that haven’t changed, even in accessories,
since their original purchase. I’m starting to wonder if the
executives at my meetings can recognize the blazer I wore during the
luncheon where we exchanged cards the previous week.
In an effort
to punch up my fashion portfolio, I decided to mix it up a bit and buy
some accent pieces — but accent pieces costing the same as my Armani
will have me feeding my 401K right into my credit cards. Therefore I hunted down pieces for my updated (and budgeted) business wardrobe.

Blazers: I own suits, and unfortunately, suits that
can’t be mixed and matched. And I have a closet full of slacks and
skirts that could easily benefit from the compliments of a blazer. I
gave myself one rule while shopping for ‘accent blazers’: Don’t match the outfit; compliment it.
Why would I turn my slacks into yet another matching suit ensemble with
a matching blazer? Instead of going the easy and matching route, I
sought out jackets with neutral tones to go with the clothes I already
own, along with a couple of statement print and bold colored looks.

Tops: Since the top is the one item of my typical
suited ensemble that can add a bit of personality to my attire, I am
embarrassed to say that instead of originally shopping for ‘statement’,
I went with ‘safe’. Scouring for tops that differed by price point
turned out to be completely advantageous not only for my budget, but many tops I found actually out-styled my more expensive blouses!
The button-down is always a classic to have on hand, but I was
delighted to discover very professional tops varying in make, style and
pattern – ready to pump up my black suit with a personality any day!

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