Trends. The Return of Plaid.

July 24, 2008 • Fashion

Love it or hate it, it seems that plaid will be back in some form or another for Fall. Country, Collegiate, Prep, Hipster, Gossip Girl inspired school uniform looks… it’s coming at us from all angles. And sometimes, plaid is dangerous and hard to pull off.

So, even though Jessica Simpson can’t get the country look right, you definitely can… with a little help from your friends. And by ‘your friends,’ we mean WWD and The Sartorialist.

First of all, WWD demonstrates how to put a country flair on things without looking like a redneck. These looks are obviously very editorial, but you can take some notes from them.


Is this message here that tying a jean jacket around your waist is okay? No, definitely not. Rather, if you are going to pair a floral country dress like this one with a boot, which we only recommend for small set of people, don’t pair it with a cowboy boot (for goodness sake!). And don’t even say Uggs in our presence. Maybe the boot in this shot is too clunky, but a riding boot would substitute nicely.


The next tip goes for light denim, which sadly is threatening to make a comeback, or for plaid.  Make sure the fit is right!! Too tight light jeans look nothing but trashy, and a baggy plaid top just says, "I slept over at my boyfriend’s." Also, pair light denim or plaid with a fashion forward accessory to make sure your statement is clear– like a banjo! Kidding. Try a chic hat or a scene-stealing bag.

And here are some chic women doing the plaid trend justice, from the best street fashion lens in the business- The Sartorialist.

Here’s how to make it work with shorts and smile…


…in a jacket…


…and under a sweater.


For more tips on how to rock this trend, click here!

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  1. I thought the first 2 photo was a real model. Anyway, I like the manikins wear rather than the clothes that real model wears.

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