Beauty News. Simpson’s “Fancy” Not So Sweet?

July 25, 2008 • Beauty


Apparently, the employees over at MTV are not enjoying Jessica Simpson‘s new scent, Fancy. According to an article from their newsroom, only about 3 of 15 people who tested it even found it tolerable. To some it smelled like a little girl’s scent, to others it conjured old ladies and grandmoms, and for one particularly descriptive critic, it smelled like cotton candy that had been left in a car too long. Read their reviews below!

“I wouldn’t wear it. It smells like a girl and not a woman. It’s too fruity. It smells like cotton candy.” — Shannon

“It makes me want to put my hair in pigtails. It’s way too sweet smelling.” — Kate

“That smells horrible and I would never wear it. It’s too strong and
sweet. I still smell it, and it is making me nauseated.” — Julie

“When combined, this seductive bouquet of exotic fruits, tantalizing
candy flavors, and other fabulous scents immediately singes the nostril
and causes freakishly violent nausea. If my girl was wearing this, I’d
have to really reconsider my relationship status on Facebook.” —

“I have a bunch of jewelry that belonged to my great-grandmother,
including a pendant that held perfume and tainted all the other
necklaces it was stored with. This smells like my great-grandmother’s
jewelry.” — Lindsey

“It smells kind of old lady-ish. It reminds me of White Diamonds or something.” — Kristen

“It’s a lot like when you leave a bunch of cotton candy in a hot car,
and then get back in the car a couple of hours later. Once the initial
sweetness dissipates, it smells oddly boozy, like a cocktail some girls
would drink when trying to live out their ‘Sex and the City’ fantasies.
A candytini, or some such nonsense.” — Michelle

So neither the women nor the men like the scent. We’ll have to wait and judge for ourselves. But when these good reviews went something like- "It’s okay"- and the bad reviews mentioned naseau, nostril singeing, and more naseau, we will sniff with caution.

Source: MTV Newsroom

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