Blahnik Tonic. Fit Flops or Fitness Flop?

July 25, 2008 • Accessories


I really don’t understand the whole Fit Flop craze. I mean I get that once "Lord Oprah" bestowed her seal of approval on them they were as good as gold, but are they really that great? Do they seriously whip your legs into shape?

Let me go back. I was noticing women (and sadly some men) sporting these platform looking, just a step above Crocs footwear since last spring and I was wondering what was going on. I usually know about trends straight away. I had not seen these in any fashion magazine (no, really?). I admit I had not been going to church religiously (watching Oprah), yet it seemed everyone was wearing them from tourists to stylish mavens on the Upper East Side. What had I missed?

Then by chance I caught a repeat airing of Oprah’s ‘favorite things’ a few weeks ago and there they were. Mystery solved. Now I was intrigued. These things are actually supposed to tone my legs and butt while I walk the dog? Do you mean to tell me the scores of people I saw wearing Fit Flops on the bus were really working out? Come on!

Well, I received my pair of silver Fit Flops (pictured) last week and I have to say…don’t quit your membership at the gym just yet. While I admit they are super comfortable, I am not seeing any tone improvement (nor am I expecting to). Then again I am an avid gym/cardio rat. I’ll stick to spinning, thank you very much. I assume Fit Flops are a workout if your idea of a stellar fitness routine is working the remote control and running to the fridge.

I would not consider them a fashion statement, either. Admittedly,I don’t want anyone to see me in my Fit Flops. I will take my Tory Burch and Mystique’s any day. In fact, my Old Navy flip flops are more stylish, come to think of it. I am truly frightened they will come out with a boot and shoe line for fall! Lord help us all if that happens (although you can count on SCS to rip on them mercilessly). However, while walking my dog…I slip on my Flip Flops which now reside by my front door. They are like walking on air and I notice I stand up straighter while wearing them. Fit Flops have become my summer sneaker…so take that for what it’s worth!

Will you ever catch me in Crocs? Not on your life!

Note: Fit Flops tend to run a little big. I went down a full shoe size, so make sure you try them on first.

To learn more and find out where to purchase Fit Flops visit: thefitflop
There is even a fan site at

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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