Marvel-ously Inspired

July 25, 2008 • Magazine

Marvel-ously Inspired

Marvel-ously Inspired

Fri, 2008-07-25 11:00

Jenn Scott

Lately the comic book collector isn’t looking so geeky. With the smash hits of Spiderman, The Hulk, and now The Dark Knight, the influence that Marvel is having on society is now unavoidable.

Whether you boast a love for the dramatic side of life, or maybe you are a secret comic book collector, it’s time to show off those secret super powers.

As we begin to hit a later summer lull, just before the start of fall fashion, designers have taken it upon themselves to let their influences of superheroes show freely on the runway. The result is a very powerful combination of make believe ideas translating into very real fashion.

Fantasy is crashing into reality in some of the looks found on the runway right now. If you’ve always secretly idolized Wonderwoman for that killer hair or those amazing legs, now you can pay her homage!

Junko Shimada has transitioned from his feminine, flower shoes to a powerful, superhero-worthy style. Not only are they colorful and eye-catching, but they will make any woman feel like she has super powers.

If you are in the business of making a statement, then you might consider adding a mask to your ensemble. My guess is that masks will not be reserved for Halloween this year! Make an otherwise normal outfit a bit mysterious with the addition of a playful mask. It’s a bit empowering, and I’m sure you’ve always wanted to do it! Take advantage of the trend while it lasts!

Looking for other ways to save the day in superhero-inspired gear? You won’t have to look very far!

A little really does go a long way. If you are a fan of the classic comics, then you will be pleased to find a whole new “business suit.” Inspired by many superhero suits in the past, Iceberg has created a marvelous look for everyday that still makes a very bold statement for the enthusiasts.

Can’t get enough of Spiderman? Many web-like patterns will be showing up this season. Don’t be afraid to get some inspiration from your favorites. Anything goes right now, as the world has been captured by these mysterious, make believe characters.

Maybe you aren’t as into superheroes as you are the oh-so-stylish villains. Adding some leather leggings and matching gloves gives just a touch of Catwoman to any look. It is just as sleek and very much resembles your favorite masked friends.

Lastly, one of the most popular trends as of late is the inspiration of Batman. Designers like Luella and Gareth Pugh have brought out all the stops when it comes to the integration of The Dark Knight and runway. The collision of two worlds has brought some exciting fashion firsts and will continue to provide us with new and creative ways to express ourselves.

Go ahead and give in to the frenzy and let your style reflect your inner superhero!

(pictured top to bottom, left to right)
1. Junko Shimada “Wonderwoman”
2. Luella Mask
3. Iceberg “Pow!” Dress
4. Maison Martin Margiela “Spiderman”
5. Luella “Batman” Suit
6. Gareth Pugh Batman Inspired

Image Layout: Jessica Piraro

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