Accessories Report. Handbags to Go?

July 28, 2008 • Accessories


Remember in the Sex & The City movie when Jennifer Hudson‘s character mentioned her Netflix-for-designer-bags rental service? The company mailed her an unaffordable bag for a smaller fee. Two weeks (or so) later, she mailed it back. No late fees, no worries?

Well apparently, this service is no movie fiction! According to the Wall Street Journal, these companies are popping up everywhere in the slumping economy. In a new article, the pros-and-cons of From Bags to Riches,,, and Bag Borrow or Steal are weighed, including commentary on service, merchandise, prices, and membership. Read all the reviews, complete with charted info, here.

The best bit? The final line of the story, referring to renting a variety of handbags in an array of colors: "There’s just one problem with adding color to our wardrobe: Now we need matching shoes." Fixing or fueling the addiction? Read to article to decide.

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2 Responses to Accessories Report. Handbags to Go?

  1. Anna says:

    This is great news! Actually I think these services have been around for quite awhile.
    I don’t think its fueling the addiction,I think it just makes fashion much more affordable.
    Escpecially if you want a new handbag each

  2. AJ says:

    Le sigh. I can’t even afford to bag borrow or steal. I have been looking at their outlet bags, hoping to snag a cheap botkier or something, but that’s still a small fortune.

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