Handbag News. Coach Enjoys Record Sales

July 29, 2008 • Accessories


This is refreshing news in these economic times. According to WWD, American women still want their Coach bags. Coach Inc. just posted a 32.9% rise in profits to $213.5 million, compared with $160.6 million a year ago.

Sales for the three months ended June 28 advanced 19.8 percent to $781.5 million from $652.1 million.

“We’re pleased with our solid sales performance for the quarter and the growth of our North American businesses, where total revenues increased 18%, including a 22% gain in sales at our stores driven by both distribution growth and productivity gains,” said Lew Frankfort, chairman and chief executive officer.

We attribute some of this growth in sales to the fact that a Coach bag is typically a lot less expensive than a high-end designer bag and to some…still has some cache.

Source: WWD

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2 Responses to Handbag News. Coach Enjoys Record Sales

  1. I am much more of a shoe girl than a bag girl, but I do own a Coach, and it has served me well for 9 years. A Coach bag is a smart (and accessible) investment for those of us who prefer to spend outrageous amounts on Gaultier gladiators!

  2. Coach Outlet says:

    Coach is the greatest brand for those who don’t want to spend the outrageous amounts of money that some designer handbags cost. There is a Coach Handbag or Purse for everyone and a huge variety of prices. Coach is one of the most accessible brands that has high end designer credibility.

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