Accessories Report. Would You Sport A Parasol?

July 30, 2008 • Accessories


Would you rock this look to stay in the shade this summer? To protect the sensitive skin on your face? To avoid looking like Blayne from Project Runway?

Well, Carasol Parasol is giving you an option other than hats and sunblock. These particular parasols are feminine and stylish, and are made with UV blocking fabric, to keep you cool and un-burned. I don’t know if I’m bold enough to walk the streets of the city with one, but maybe I’d take one on vacation. Although this looks pretty cute, in theory:


Check out some styles below…


the Cynthia


the Alexandra

… and visit the alternative accesory’s website here.

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One Response to Accessories Report. Would You Sport A Parasol?

  1. Rona Jacobs says:

    As a twenty six year old professional who has always been concerned about my complexion and overall appearance I started to carry a parasol after a business trip to Asia this year. Parasols are very popular in Japan.
    At first some of my colleagues gave me a few strange glances. There are now three of us in our division that carry parasols and my associates at work have grown to understand our motivation to do so.
    These are not umbrellas that you use on sunny days. Good parasols are stylish feminine and have protective UV coating. If you care about your skin and look to catch on to new trends a parasol is just what you may want to add to your wardrobe.

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