Runway to Real Way. Marvel-ously Inspired

July 30, 2008 • Runway/Realway


Jenn Scott for Second City Style Magazine

Lately the comic book collector isn’t looking so geeky. With the smash hits of Spiderman, The Hulk, and now The Dark Knight, the influence that Marvel is having on society is now unavoidable.

Whether you boast a love for the dramatic side of life, or maybe you are a secret comic book collector, it’s time to show off those secret super powers.

As we begin to hit a later summer lull, just before the start of fall fashion, designers have taken it upon themselves to let their influences of superheroes show freely on the runway. The result is a very powerful combination of make believe ideas translating into very real fashion.

Fantasy is crashing into reality in some of the looks found on the runway right now. If you’ve always secretly idolized Wonderwoman for that killer hair or those amazing legs, now you can pay her homage!

Junko Shimada has transitioned from his feminine,
flower shoes to a powerful, superhero-worthy style. Not only are they
colorful and eye-catching, but they will make any woman feel like she
has super powers.

If you are in the business of making a statement, then you might
consider adding a mask to your ensemble. My guess is that masks will
not be reserved for Halloween this year! Make an otherwise normal
outfit a bit mysterious with the addition of a playful mask. It’s a bit
empowering, and I’m sure you’ve always wanted to do it! Take advantage
of the trend while it lasts!

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