Project Runway Season 5. “I’m Gonna Eat You!” Memorable Quotes from Episode 3.

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This week, guest judge Sandra Bernhard brought some comedy to the serious business of New York nightlife. In a challenge we’ve seen before, the contestants first toured the city by bus, to take inspired photos of the city at night. Clad hilariously in ponchos and rainboots as if they were actually costumed like rain-prepped tourists, the bitchyness finally started to come out this week, as you’ll see in the memorable quotes below! The designers made their first trip to Mood, and not surprisingly, many of them went with the neon colors of lights at night. It also seemed that many of them have a penchant for crazy-busted patterns– however, perhaps like Uli before them, they can surprise us and mix those patterns in a cool way.

Back in the workroom, Emily‘s design got panned but she didn’t really change it, Keith‘s model got switched, and Tim Gunn attempted to make "holla atcha boy" work for him, while Jerell, Stella, and Blayne laid relatively low. The designers talked a lot of crap about each others pieces, and finally, they made it to the runway.

Once again, the top and bottom designs didn’t even come close to what I expected them to be. Kelli and Jerell, whose looks appeared to have 10 days of work in them and not one, were in the middle, as was Stella‘s tin foil top and skinny jean look, which I think I could buy at Forever 21 for under $10. Both Terri and Kenley‘s crazy print garments were in the top, somehow, as was Leanne‘s very chic separates look. Even though Leanne looked like she was going to melt down the whole time, she really pulled it out, and I thought, of the three top designs, she should have won. Keith and Emily both took places in the bottom with volume-gone-wrong, and were joined by Jennifer, whose matronly mom-dress I was sure would get her sent home.

In the end, Kenley took it with her South-Florida-colored frock, which I thought was cool, but not a winner. And Emily, surprisingly, got sent packing for her cha-cha dress, which was bad, but not nearly as cha-cha-fugly as Blayne’s ballroom-dancefloor get-up, or Stella’s skanky separates. I’m thoroughly disappointed with the judging this week, can you tell?! Now, for the quotes!

Suede loves Tia, he could never change. – Do we need to cite who said this when it’s in the third person?

I wanna get all dolled up and go out dancing! – Blayne

Is there any tanning salons down here? – nice grammar, Blayne

I was inspired by money! – Emily

Do you guys mind if we cross the street to the sex shop? – Kenley

Being gay in Salt Lake City is really difficult. – Keith

It’s ridiculous how much negative energy is out there. Kenley and Stella are talking shit. Do I care? No, I’m not here to become their friends. – Keith. May I introduce you to this year’s villain?

I’m still a little wet. – Tim Gunn

Suede is here to rock it! – SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.

When I look at Kenley’s dress, the print I think is really not quite getting it. It’s a little bit Ft. Lauderdale, lawn cushiony kinda thing. – Joe

I’m just afraid I’m gonna like be too creative again. – Leanne. We’re just not sure the judges disliked your last dress because it was "too creative."

I’m gonna eat you! – Blayne

Kenley, I’m gonna throw this orange slice at you. – Blayne

Tough and dirty! – Terri and Kelli, who don’t NEED e’s on the end of their names!

I’m looking around the room and I notice that Emily’s dress was just not well made at all, it’s been done, it’s old, it’s cliche, and I immediately think that she’s in trouble. – Kenley

I am rock’n’roll and I’m gonna die being rock’n’roll! – Stella

Jennifer’s garment looks very matronly, like a vintage garment that no one would touch. It just doesn’t really look chic at all. – Daniel

So this is disappointing?

Well… yeah.

– Tim takes Emily down a notch

Make it work, carry on, holler at your boy!
– Tim Gunn

It’s gonna be interesting to see how many pincushions end up going down that runway today. – Joe

I feel like I’m doing this so ghetto. – Daniel

Is anyone even listening to me!? – Tim Gunn

[It’d be a good dress for you if you had]… some kind of goiter or large growth…
– Sandra Bernhard on Kenley’s play on volume

It’s very Joan Collins, kind of a power bitch dress, but I think a girl who was not around in the ’80s would really appreciate this dress. – Michael Kors on Kenley’s dress

When she walked by, I mean, it literally looked like toilet paper caught in a windstorm. – Michael Kors on Keith’s dress

I wrote fierce, sexy, and in control. And I said, here’s a woman who’s walking down a dark street, and if somebody is on her tail, she’ll turn and say, I have a knife and I will cut you up. I love the whole attitude behind it. – Sandra Bernhard on Terri’s outfit

When in doubt, keep it simple. – Michael to Emily

I don’t feel like I’m falling off my chair anytime soon because I’m so wowed by the dress. – Heidi to Jennifer

The worst review is no review. – Michael on Nina’s silence about Emily’s dress

Hell NO was that the losing dress of that challenge.
– Emily. We’re not that sad she’s gone, but we are glad she went out with some fire! And we agree… it definitely was not the losing look.

Until next week, I’ll be hoping for better judging and more bitching, and I cannot wait to hear Joe complain that there are too many queens! See you then.

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– Hayley Wells


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  1. Lauren - SCS says:

    Totally agree Hayley…not one of my favorite episodes. Leanne was robbed and I thought for sure Jennifer was going to be sent packing! That clock dress was the worst!!!!

  2. Yeah, there is no way Emily’s was the worst design. That was possibly the worst judging in ProRun history – makes me wonder if there wasn’t a bit of producer urging to keep the crazies on board for ratings. I thought the Runway was above all that!
    Anyway, great recap!

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