Save Our Earth! Save Our Fashion On A Segway.

August 1, 2008 • Fashion


This morning I saw a guy riding to work on a Segway and I thought for a minute… is it dorky to be transported this way? Or maybe it makes some sense. Then I thought again… it is brilliant! Besides its contribution to saving our earth, it could be the answer to saving our fashion!

Just think, you can wear the highest stilettos you own because you don’t have to walk – you just stand in them! This is so much better than driving. I  always scuff the right heel on my Blahniks and wrinkle my Valentino suit with the seat belt. The Segway is also preferable to contorting my way in and out of a cab (where they leave only about three inches for your knees and feet with that bulletproof glass right up in your face).

Let’s examine this further, shall we?


Doesn’t she look nice and fresh? (Models don’t have to use hands on a Segway!)


Here’s another one going to work! Hey, she’s wearing the Valentino suit I was just telling you about! No wrinkles!

Images: Segway i2-commuter
Spring ’08 Valentino RTW:

—Carol Calacci

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