WTF Was She Thinking?! The Week In Bad Celeb Style.

August 1, 2008 • Fashion

Some girls get a little leeway this week for their effort, and some starlets showed no effort and disappointed us because of it!

Lindsay Lohan at the Allure Magazine Cover Party


Lindsay clearly didn’t think she needed to get too dolled up for this party, and apparently didn’t go through the hassle of getting her hair and makeup done. If we were Sam, we’d be getting pissed soon that our lady didn’t want to look pretty for us.

She Was Thinking: Oh, I thought this was going to be a ‘before and after’ of thing. Like, this is my before look, and my Allure cover is my after?

Amanda Peet at the Pineapple Express premiere


Okay, we know that this is a movie about stoners, but it wasn’t a themed premiere.

She Was Thinking: All aboard the express!

Alicia Silverstone at the Pineapple Express premiere


So we get it, it’s a weed movie, people went casual. But even Seth Rogen deserves a little formality! He wore a suit! But we do like Alicia’s funky shoes.

She Was Thinking:
My whole outfit is vegan. Yay PETA!

The Kardashian sisters at a Maxim Magazine party


Khloe and Kim wanted to give you a personal lesson in how NOT to flatter a curvy figure. Vertical lines and rouching are doing a number on poor Khloe, who apparently adopted the black-and-white color scheme from her prison stay. And suspenders are an ill-recommended trend for almost everyone, and the only ones who can pull it off are flat-chested and pin-thin, not buxom and bootylicious.

They Were Thinking:
We’re about to be too drunk to care how we look, but don’t worry, we hired a driver this time!

Kat Von D at a Maxim Magazine party


We like Kat Von D. She’s spunky and crazy. But those silver bumper-stickered leggings and boots are too much to allow. Oh and… camel toe.

She Was Thinking:
You can’t tell where my clothes end and my tatts begin!

Up-and-coming British fashionista Alice Dellal at a Dazed And Confused party


We think your wild grunge style and odd new-wave haircut are strangely cool, and somehow manage to harken back while still looking forward in fashion. And we can forgive most of this crazy outfit because of your point of view. But… those shoes are something we don’t want to see in anyone’s future or past.

She Was Thinking:
Look out Aggie Deyn, I’m coming to usurp your style!

This week’s effort made us feel good, like at least people are trying something new, even if they aren’t quite succeeding. Except for the Kardashians… they just make us cringe. Until next week!

– Hayley Wells


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