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August 4, 2008 • Fashion

This weekend, we came across a rash of new spokesmodels. First, we have Welsh sultry singer, Duffy, representing Nivea (actually she is the featured artist in the campaign, not the spokesmodel). Even though she sounds a bit like Amy Winehouse, we’re sure glad she isn’t employing the same crackpipe skincare as her fellow soul songstress. Duffy looks flawless in this ad:



We think we might want to "Live and be loved’!

Next, we have a sneak peak of Christina Aguilera‘s new ad for Macy’s. She was tapped as one of five celebrities to embody a facet of the store. While Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stewart, Calvin Klein, and Donald Trump will cover other parts of the big business, Aguilera’s ad represents Macy’s famous flower shows.


A veritable Posion Ivy!

And lastly, the most controversial. We love to hate model Lydia Hearst (and her style choices), but even we have to admit that there is something oddly alluring about her that we can’t put our finger on. Which is perhaps why luxury lingerie brand Myla chose her for their fall print ad campaign.


The usually stick-straight, pin-thin model looks pretty womanly in this steamy ad! It’s not even a stretch to imagine feeling sexy in this line. Hearst does her job. We’re amazed!

Three beautiful blondes and three great ad campaigns are making us look forward to Fall, almost as much as escaping from the summer heat!


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