Project Runway. This Week’s PR Preview.

August 6, 2008 • Lifestyle

As if we haven’t already heard enough Olympic hype lately, this week’s PR will present a challenge of Olympic proportions. But seeing as my mega-crush on guest judge, Apolo Anton Ohno, has been in full swing since his Dancing With The Stars win, I’ll excuse the event promotion and pretend that sports uniforms actually have something to do with fashion. Since superheroes have been the inspiration for fashion this year, who knows if athletic gear will be next year’s style muse? Very few types of clothing have to consider utility as much as an athlete’s!

So therefore, maybe this week we’ll see the sewing contestants turn out designs that consider form and function. Or, on the other hand, maybe it will be a repeat of the Season 1 postal service challenge and the resulting dolled-up mail carrier designs that didn’t really offer any new helpful features.

It also looks like this week Keith continues his quest to be the Season 5 villain, and Stella will create another ‘rock’n’roll’ leather-ish look. She’s starting to seem like a one-trick pony fast! Plus, leather doesn’t really go with top Olympic performance anyway, does it? I mean, unless they are designing for equestrians…

Who will win and who will get auf’d this week? Well, these videos really give us no insight there, but I’d love to see some of our mid-level players step up to the top or sink down to the bottom, so we can get to know them and their designs better. Joe, Jerrell, Daniel… this means you! I want to get to know you! Succeed or fail already!

Other than more of our more anonymous contestants, what would you like to see this week? Let’s just hope no one designs an Olympic outfit like this new edition of the Speedo… I hope Michael Phelps takes the gold like any patriotic American, but I don’t want to see this on the show tonight!


But hey, nice watch Phelps!

– Hayley Wells


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