Retail Detail. Kors Steps It Up, Despite Market Conditions.

August 6, 2008 • Shopping

According to WWD, Michael Kors is set to roll out a set of new stores in the US and Europe. New locations include Michael Kors Collection boutiques in Chicago and Palm Beach, his first European store in Milan, and an expanded store at the Americana in Manhasset, NY. The Milan store is intended to test the waters in Europe, and 25 more European locations are to follow in the coming 3 years. Reportedly, even though the retail market and the economy in general are struggling, Kors’ business is so good that expansion is a safe move. Maybe his Project Runway celebrity is helping his sales!

On the expansion in Palm Beach, Kors said it was a no-brainer. "With Palm Beach, I feel like it’s a homecoming. A lot of
people look at me and say, ‘You don’t have a store in Palm Beach?’ So
much of our clientele spends a good part of the winter season there.
It’s really our first resort store. I have always loved designing
resort and things that have a resort mentality, and Palm Beach is one
of the few places left on earth where a jeweled $800 bikini is a basic

The Chicago match is a little harder to envision for some, but not for Kors. (…or for us! We say it’s about time!) The designer sees through the Midwestern tradition and  imagines his store right at home in the 900 Shops on Michigan Ave. "For me, it’s always been a city wrapped in great taste, from the way
people live and the architecture of the city. I am a camel
hair and gray flannel kind of guy and Chicago is a camel and gray
flannel kind of town.
" Leave it to the articulate Kors to sum up our city’s style in two sentences.

The classic American designer sounds confident about his US expansion and his new stores abroad. After Milan, he plans to open in a city that seems incredibly apt for his aesthetic- "London is the next high priority." Sky’s the limit, it seems.


A mock-up of a Kors boutique

Source: WWD

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    I can sense he sees the opportunity that others can’t see!

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