Breaking News. Mr. Blackwell Ain’t Well.

August 7, 2008 • Breaking News


According to Yahoo News, the acerbic, acid-tongued fashion critic Mr. Blackwell (and Ed McMahon look-alike) who is best known for his annual worst-dressed lists, has been hospitalized with a serious illness.

Richard Blackwell
, 85, has been in the hospital and unconscious since Tuesday, his partner, Robert Spencer, said from his home in Los Angeles. Ouch, this doesn’t look good. God’s speed! We need more fashion critics to tell it like it really is!

Favorite Mr. Blackwell comments:

"Fashion’s Hari-Carey Strikes Again! The world applauds your musical emancipation, but please–leave that body to our imagination!" Mr. Blackwell on Mariah Carey 2005

"It’s time to sack the stylist and divorce the ‘designer,’ she resembles a cut-rate Rapunzel–slingin’ hash in a Vegas diner!" Mr. Blackwell on Jessica Simpson 2005

"When it comes to Couture Chaos, this Tacky Terror should take a bow." Mr. Blackwell on Britney Spears 2005

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