Designer News. 90s Fashion Darling Returns in 08.

August 7, 2008 • Fashion


You would have to have been following fashion closely for almost 20 years to remember Christian Francis Roth. The playful designer hasn’t been seen much since the early 90s, when his Crayola-sleeved designs had WWD calling him "Seventh Avenue’s latest wonder boy."


It feels like we’ve come far, doesn’t it?

The designer presents a new line this year, and hasn’t strayed far from his signature style. This time around, he hasn’t stopped playing on other brand names. Instead of the familiar crayon, he co-opts recognizable fashion images. One dress features an alligator eating a polo player on the breast…


The collection is inspired by high school cliques, and is categorized into groups like "Twill Seekers" for the prep school-like items, and "After School Special" for quirkier print dresses. (Hello, Gossip Girl. Are schoolchildren to next year what superheroes were to this year? Is everyone going to have to get back in touch with their adolescent self to wear next season’s clothes? Is Britney Spear’s "Baby One More Time" video going to be stylistically relevant again?) The new line is called Francis by Christian Francis Roth. See more looks below:




Interesting enough but… the lead-story on WWD? Must be a slow news day.

Source: WWD

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  1. eye4style says:

    I love the new looks, especially that graffiti dress. Fierce!

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