Project Runway Season 5. “One By One, They All Must Fall.” Memorable Quotes of the 4th Episode.

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So, I was all wrong. I thought this week’s Olympic challenge would have the designers working with lycra and spandex and creating swimsuits and wrestling singlets! But Apolo threw a wrench right in our speed-skates and told us this week’s designs would be for the Opening Ceremonies. A little more creative range for the contestants to work with! But still… who would have imagined the crazy getups they (coughJERELL) would create?

At Mood, Keith took Terri‘s fabric, Stella picked black stretch-satin in a shocking move, and Daniel apparently forgot what the US flag looks like and chose a so-blue-it’s-purple fabric for his… cocktail dress. In the workroom, everyone got reaaaaaally inspired by their trip through the ages of Olympic dress, and half of their designs looked like they were for a theme party. Even Korto, who claimed she was living in ’08, had a vest and pants that looked a little ’70s to me. Joe, who blamed the catty atmosphere on there being "too many queens around," went all bitchy on Daniel for accidentally taking his sewing machine. Daniel’s nerves ended up getting on my nerves. Blayne wanted to tan. Oh and, everyone got really annoyed with Kenley‘s laugh.

And finally, I got what I asked for! Some of our more anonymous designers stepped into the spotlight. Daniel, Jerell, and Jennifer landed in the bottom with designs that were off, odd, and boring, respectively. I really enjoyed the designs of Blayne, Leanne, and shockingly Stella, but the top three were Korto, Joe, and Terri. I just loved that Korto and Joe got recognized for doing something that was actually sporty, while Terri’s American sportswear was pretty flawless. Each of their designs would have adapted nicely to menswear, too, which wasn’t technically part of the challenge, but it seemed like an important factor.

Michael, Nina, and Heidi were back from their judging absence last week, and with the delightfully articulate, honest, and sensible Ohno, chose Korto to win the challenge. Jennifer, for her boring and not-really-patriotic looking skirt and sweater, got auf’d. While Jerell’s outfit was definitely crazy, I thought it was about time Jennifer left. I mean, where was this surrealism she kept talking about? All I saw was preppy twin-sets and full skirts.

Rate_runway_korto_504 Rate_runway_jennifer_504
The winning and losing looks

Now, onto the quotes!

You know I don’t really have any idea where we’re gonna be going, I just really hope it has nothing to do with female wrestlers. – Jerell

We’re going to the boogie-down Bronx, this is the hip-hop challenge. – Korto speculating about the challenge

The last thing I want to design is nurses uniforms or scrubs, although I could design a good straight jacket! – Kelli

You know how other people like go to the gym? I go tanning. – Blayne

I’m guessing someone holds a flame and runs around a track-field.
– Daniel displaying his ignorance both about the Olympics and track & field

I’m a true cave-girl. I like leather, and I like fur.
– Stella

I look over and Keith has taken my fabric and has already cut from it. And I was like, Oh no he didn’t!… A sister gotta keep one eye open, that’s all I’m saying. – Terri cleverly working the guest judge’s name into her commentary

At tanning, I’m an olympic athlete. It only goes to bronze medal.
– Blayne

Matching bra and panty set? – Jerell on the huge numbers of pieces Terri was making

I am shocked by how many pieces Terri has just cranked out. I think she’s got a sweat shop hidden under her table or something. – Leanne

And if they say anything about black, I’ll say there’re a lot of bikers in this country that watch the Olympics. – Stella

Somebody get this girl a muzzle.
– Jerell, on Kenley

I just don’t do The Beatles. I mean, I liked Across the Universe and it was all Beatles but other people sang it. So, maybe I like The Beatles but a bit more progressive and to the now. Sorry Ringo. – Blayne, revealing his total ignorance to good music

You gotta say WAAAHHHH, Joe. – Korto

There’s too much drama because there’re too many queens around. It’s crazy! – Joe

As you can see, we’re back to high school, and I just wanna get to college. – Korto

So waking up this morning, I realize that, one by one, they all must fall. Everybody has to go home but me! – Jerell

No day on the runway show is ever stress-free. Whoever wins gets immunity, and immunity is really important because you gotta change to f*ck up and not get fired for it. – Stella, keepin’ it real

It’s a whole helluva lot of look, I made a hat for Godsakes! – Jerell

I live in ’08, it’s ’08! – Korto, who is not a time-traveler

I’m like, USA! USA! – Terri

Listen, I think the color is the least of your problems. I don’t know where she’s from… I dunno, she’s from the Republic of Cocktail Land? – Michael Kors on Daniel’s dress

I’m gonna take that as a compliment, just because it might be the only one. – Jerell

In Yiddish the word is meshuguna, I mean it’s out there. – Michael Kors to Jerell

When Terri’s look came out, I wrote sportswear, underlined, triple exclamation mark, hooray for sportswear! – Michael Kors

The idea of a prim, romantic athlete who’s bashful about her body?! – Kors

Well, if the first sport is drinking, it’s a good dress. – Kors was all about the quotes this week!

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– Hayley Wells


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