The Rachel Zoe Project. Preview Review.

August 7, 2008 • Lifestyle


So this week, if you didn’t notice from all the ridiculous commercials during Project Runway, Bravo previewed it’s new fall show, The Rachel Zoe Project. The reality program follows Rachel Zoe, a celebrity stylist best known for creating Nicole Richie‘s eating disorder boho chic look. Bravo’s website describes her current aesthetic as "the 1970s glamazon: vintage-clad and sun-kissed,
with smoky eyes, oversized shades, and tons of bangles." We think we could sum up Zoe’s aesthetic in 2 sizes, small and large. Small women, large accessories.

After the show, I’m guessing she’ll be known for her obnoxious slang (Bananas!, I die!) some of which she can’t even take credit for (Omigod.)  Seriously, the 30-something stylist sounds like a 16-year-old valley girl. It’s like she never matured past her ’80s adolescent self. It seems that this show is mostly about using Zoe to film celebrities and famous designers. Will you watch?

Questions based on the show’s preview:
1. Is her husband gay? Or is he Ryan Adams?
2. Can oversized shades be over yet?
3. How much more entertaining is Rachel’s assistant, Taylor, than her?
4. Brad’s style is a total knock off of Austin Scarlett, who is a total knock off of Yves Saint Laurent. Okay… that was a statement, not a question.
5. Can Zoe say anything about fashion that is insightful or illuminating? All I got from her commentary was, celebrities like to wear designer clothes, and "Fashion is my drug. I’m addicted to it."
6. How did seemingly nice stars like Molly Sims, Debra Messing, and Jennifer Garner get hoodwinked into hiring her?
7.  Why did Zoe hire two assistants who can’t get along? (Good thing she did, because watching them go head-to-head is the only reason we’ll tune into this show.)

If you missed it, here are some highlights:


Look back to SCS to read hatred and mocking reviews and recaps of Zoe’s show when it starts for real. We can’t wait for the episode when Zoe gets snubbed at Fashion Week! Did you see her checking herself out on Hilarious.

Click here to learn more about Zoe and the show:

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5 Responses to The Rachel Zoe Project. Preview Review.

  1. Belle says:

    I’m going to skip the Zoe show…but I can’t wait for your recaps.
    Sharing the love I posted about your post.

  2. “Can we at least spoon?” 😀
    Only funny part!

  3. donna says:

    I think you guys are way too harsh, overtly nitpicking at her success. She obviously did something right, otherwise she wouldn’t
    a)get paid
    b)get exposure (like this website)
    c)get Bravo to record it all

  4. Budget Babe says:

    She’s friends with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Nate Berkus (who’s dating Brian Atwood) so she can’t be all that bad, right??

  5. Gary Johns says:

    Rachel Zoe may be able to dress celebrities who do not have any fashion sense, but her own style is overworked, dated and pathetic. On the positive side, I love to see women like her on the street … it’s always a good laugh. And you had to love it when she referred to herself as looking like a tranny … how astute. What a girl! She embodies the shallowness of fashion and Los Angeles. Keep it up girl, you’re a stitch. BTW, what’s with the jowls?

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