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August 11, 2008 • Accessories


In this recession, you’d think everything would be selling poorly. But in fact, accessories sales remain high! Maybe it’s because people are revamping their current clothing with new accessories? We have certainly been employing that method.

The people behind Yoox confirm this trend. "We’ve had more and more incredible sellout on shoes, for both niche and established brands." Additionally, Yoox is selling jewelry so well that it is considering a full launch for the end of the year.

Online retailer Vivre supports the findings of Yoox’s accessories sales. "Couture costume jewelry, especially, has really taken on a form of its
own, and the growth in our clutch business has been unbelievable over
the past three years. Shoes Accessories remain one of the few bright spots at retail these days — and online, they’re doing even better

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