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August 11, 2008 • Beauty

It looks like The Body Shop will be profiting from the recent green craze. The L’Oreal owned brand is revamping its ads to communicate its origin as a "natural and ethical brand." The brand will introduce a mineral makeup line as well, in line with the new push.

According to WWD, "The Body Shop came up with a series of images focusing on key elements
of its brand philosophy, including community trade and environmental
protection, which will run in The Body Shop’s stores, as press ads in
some markets, as well as online."


The new ads will also feature models alongside the products, an imagery The Body Shop has shied away from in previous campaigns. A Body Shop exec explained, "We want the models to look natural and project natural beauty with spirit and personality." The new Wellbeing line of products, with the subcategories Total Energy, Pure Detox, Divine Calm and Deep Sleep, are designed to address everyone’s individual lifestyle needs. We’re sure the natural ad campaign will be a success as consumers grow more concerned about the impact of their products.

Source: WWD

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