Celebrity Trends. Rolled and Cuffed… Too Much?

August 11, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Boyfriend jeans are one thing. Rolled or cuffed boyfriends jeans a-whole-nother thing. Katie Holmes completely overexposing the look? That’s the thing we actually take issue with.



The well-documented trend has been mostly documented on this one woman! And we’re actually surprised that this trend is just catching on so big. A few years ago, J. Crew introduced this look, and it didn’t quite find a following.

Things we like: their relaxed feel, their ability to make a statement in a casual look, their forgiving nature on the female form, and the fact that they give us another reason to wear ballet flats (yay). But they look good with heels too!


We don’t like: their whiskered/feathered wash, a messy cuff/roll, a too-baggy pair (like Katie’s bottom look), the unstructured pants with an unstructured shirt. If you’re going to do a loose, relaxed pant, it should be balanced by a fitted or structured top.

Jury’s still out on: the cuff in general. It adds some definition to the look, and exhibits the shoe nicely, but it’s so ’80s and we just don’t know if we can embrace it.


The problem with this look is exactly the fact that it has become a trend. It works on a very few people with a classic and cool sense of style that can be accentuated with an offbeat addition like a boyfriend jean. But when trend-followers start doing it, it looks dumb. If you would never consider wearing this look, but now you’re considering it because Posh Spice wore it, don’t do it! It’s clearly not for you. And frankly, we’re still just not sure that it’s for us either!

Source: Go Fug Yourself, Who What Wear

– Hayley Wells

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