Celebrity Style. Four Celebrity Colors of Summer

August 12, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Simona Kogan for Second City Style Magazine

Blues and blacks and silver linings may be for cold winter months, but when the heat is on, the colors come popping out on celebrities.
These A-listers are likely to trade in their stiff blazers, nylon
leggings, navy dresses, and gray tweed skirts for pastels and bright
pinks, hyper-cool neon embellishments and sleek, but vivid styles.

And the most prominent colors of all are not what you’d think! Sure,
orange and yellow are bright summer hues but stars are wearing them in
full force—boldly and brilliantly. The other two, purple and jade
green, were thought to be fall shades but seems fashionistas and
designers alike have added a gentle friendliness to the shades in their
stylings, making them perfect for a level of fall sophistication but
dapper enough to don in summer sizzle.

Let’s take a look at how celebs pull off the keen colors of summer!

Like sunshine on a cloudy day, celebs in yellow make the world much brighter. We were as whipped as anyone when we saw Angelina Jolie
in a bright yellow sundress—we had so gotten used to her drab monotones
that the yellow dress was a breath of fresh air. Though, it was April,
yellow is the perfect color for summer months, too. Rihanna always says yes to yellow. She wore a bright yellow Robert Rodriguez jacket to top off her all-black outfit and purple boots! She also wore a tiered yellow Giambattista Valli to the BET Awards in July. Yellow definitely packs a punch. 

If you’re going to wear yellow this summer:
Stick to one or two other colors. You don’t want to look like a Crayola Crayon box.
Pick Black. Black and yellow are a perfect combination and very in-style this summer.

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