Celebrity Style. In Case You Were Wondering… Rachel Zoe Is Not Fat.

August 12, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Our distaste for Rachel Zoe is well-documented. We don’t hate her or anything– we just think she’s unoriginal and over-payed. But when she says stuff like what she said in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, we can’t help but forcefully dislike her, not simply for ourselves but for women everywhere and women’s health in general.


She mentioned to the magazine that food was "not a priority," and that many days she forgets to eat and can only grab a grapefruit and coffee (also known as negative calories) all day. Note to women everywhere: No one’s body allows them to ‘forget to eat,’ as if you didn’t know. You’ll look like the unflattering photo above when you do ‘forget to eat.’

To put an even finer point on how skinny she is, the celebrity stylist posed in padding to make her size 0 frame a size 8. Whether it was her idea or not, she agreed to this ludicrous shoot which is somehow degrading to naturally thin and curvy women alike.


Would anyone actually say she looked better on the left? It looks like they photo-shopped some meat onto her bony arms and filled out her face, as well. So much nicer. Although she doesn’t look anywhere near a size 8. Or maybe she looks exactly like a size 8, and my size perception is completely off, because people like Rachel Zoe make me feel fat. Inappropriate.

Note to Rachel Zoe:
This is not good press. This is not an ideal way to promote your new show. No one finds this cute or endearing.

Source: Jezebel.com

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2 Responses to Celebrity Style. In Case You Were Wondering… Rachel Zoe Is Not Fat.

  1. Jessie says:

    This blog gets a million points in my book for not supporting this behavior. I’m 5’4″-5’5″, 135lbs, and a size 4-6 and I am tired of horrible stylists trying to convince I’m fat.

  2. Lauren - SCS says:

    Right on sister! Personally I couldn’t agree with you more. A size 4-6 is perfect. How could ANYONE dispute that? I’m a size 8 at 5’7″ so to Zoe I am a cow. Starvation makes me really cranky so she must be a joy! Real women eat. Sorry. Also I think she looks waaaaay better with some meat on her bones. In person she looks truly frail. She will appear 100 at 45 at this rate. You need some fat to look younger. Period.

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