News Flash. Stella McCartney Hates Fur!

August 12, 2008 • Fashion


Okay, clearly, that headline is not breaking news for anyone who knows anything about Stella McCartney‘s designs. Paul’s daughter is the veggie-est of the vegans and the PETA-est of the Petans. So what genius stylist decided to use her lingerie under a $12k mink coat in an ad for Hockley Fur? Well… we don’t know. But that person is certainly no Einstein. Especially because they didn’t ask her permission.


Of course, when McCartney saw it, she was disgusted and went quote-unquote ballistic. As soon as they were alerted to the mistake, Hockley confirmed that it wouldn’t run the ad anymore. Too bad it appeared in that month’s issue of Vogue, and was already in circulation. Whoops.

Source: The Cut

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