Models. London Backs Down in Thin Debate.

August 13, 2008 • Magazine


In anticipation of its nation’s fashion week, the British Fashion Council has backed down on its weight demands for models. According to The Cut, "The organization had been championing health certificates for runway
strutters but is backing off the push to make them mandatory out of
fear models would boycott London Fashion Week." London was also discouraged since other fashion capitals didn’t back them in the initiative.


Why would British models boycott if health certificates were mandatory? Well, not because they just want to be skinnier. First: They felt the initiative was discriminatory and didn’t like how it only applied to runway models, which make up just 10 percent of the modeling population. Second: They didn’t want to shell out the cash, $500 to $1,000 each year, to renew their certificates. Understandable, especially since up-and-coming models don’t always make much. Third: Without the other capitals backing the British city, it could put models at a disadvantage in other markets, while keeping foreign models away from London’s week of runways.


Since London’s Fashion Week is low on the totem pole anyway, we can understand the decision not to further jeopardize the event. Besides, the British Fashion Council has been successful on banning alcohol backstage and preventing girls under 16 from walking, so we’re sure they’ll succeed in protecting model health when they find a operational way to do so.

Read more about the mandates here: Fashion capitals end London’s plan to ban size zero.

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    Have anyone heard of a magazine called Liveit in London? if some could you tell me more about it because they want me to fly out there for a shoot and I never heard about them is they a real company?

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