PR News. Casting for Season Six as Different as its Network.

August 13, 2008 • Lifestyle


In line with its massive move from Bravo to Lifetime, Project Runway is changing a lot of other stuff up, too. For instance, casting. In previous seasons, where huge cattle calls were held and many were dismissed immediately, this season, judges interviewed pre-selected contenders who were chosen based on video submissions.


According to former favorite Nick Verreos‘ blog, who judged in Chicago, "We saw about 50 designers, from Missouri, Kansas and Chicago of course,
among others. And gave each of them 5 minutes to "sell it" to us, for
why they should be on the show. It was a great, and refreshing way to
do the casting process. There were no crazy lines of 200 people; no
disappointed designers who waited 12 hours+ to only get rejected before
they even got a chance to put their designs on the rack. And for us, we
enjoyed giving each hopeful designer their due time — and we even ended
early and with a smile on our faces — as opposed to "tired and through"
with the whole casting process.
There were some standouts that we said "yes" to and I venture to
predict that there might be one or two designers that we may see on the
next season of Project Runway from this Chicago casting


Other new changes? Well, you may have heard the show is leaving New York for LA, for at least some of the season. Season 7 will be shot entirely in New York. Even though the move to LA is only temporary, Heidi Klum says the show will be getting a facelift and that "it will have a Hollywood flair." Eek.

We just don’t know if the essence of PR will survive these changes. We don’t know if we’ll survive them, either!

Source: NY Magazine

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