Pret Reporteur. Neo-Retro: Fashion on Recycle and Repeat

August 13, 2008 • Fashion


Gabbie Perez for Second City Style Magazine

With the first decade of the new millennium coming to a close
(although Y2K feels just like yesterday), what exactly will this decade
be remembered for? My guess would be the iPod, Britney Spears’ bald head, and the War on Terror. But what will fashion have to show for the 00’s?

Having been born in the mid-80’s, I missed everything great from the
20th century… the 60s British invasion, the glam disco of the 70s, and
(my most favorite decade of the century) the Reagan 80s. With fashion trends of today, I am able to relive everything that my mother – and grandmother – experienced.
From the Ray-Ban revival to Sgt. Pepper’s inspired coats to 5-inch
platforms to stylized flapper dresses, everything old is new again and
again and again.

Amid our culture’s fascination with celebrity and obsession with
information, our fashion has not evolved since the last millennium — we
have put fashion on recycle and repeat. This decade has seen nothing
but borrowed (albeit updated) looks and trends. I find it disheartening
that my generation will not be defined by a unique and original style,
like every previous generation.

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