Fall in Love with Fall

August 17, 2008 • Magazine

Fall in Love with Fall

Fall in Love with Fall

Sat, 2008-08-16 14:00

Jenn Scott

As the summer months quickly fade away, many fashionistas are getting geared for their favorite time of year. It’s just around the corner now, and it is already on every trend seeker’s mind. You guessed it…Fall! Even though the days are still long, and it’s still entirely too hot outside, it’s not too early to start piecing together your Fall wardrobe.

Designers have already started to prepare for this coveted time of year, and they never disappoint with what they create! This season is no exception. With the runway boasting a rich color palette and to-die-for textures, this season will be easy to fall for.

So as the summer fades into another season, here are some things to crave when the air starts to cool!

Retro anyone? The mark of any good generation is the lasting effect that its style had on people. It’s no surprise with the vibrant colors and classic cuts that the retro culture leaves us begging for more. In honor of years past, raid your Mom’s closet! If you can’t find anything there, plenty will be offered this season in remembrance of the good ol’ days.

Crazy for print? Printed dresses will also appear on the runway, in shops, and on the streets. This trend allows you to still make a statement, in a bit more modern way. The sky is the limit when it comes to what design is on your dress. From flower print to works of art, your imagination is free to roam.

As it starts to get cooler, that commute to work gets longer every day. Something that will make it a little better is this season’s poster child: tweed. This often overlooked look is sometimes viewed as stuffy or boring, but this season is allowing its time to shine in a whole new way. This thick fabric boasts comfort, warmth, and a little bit of sassiness to an otherwise dull work day!

Still have some of those ruffled blouses lying around? Great! Pull them out and put them under a nice, tailored jacket, or wear them alone. This trend is holding strong and still very chic. Be careful to piece your outfit together when you are wearing ruffles, because it can quickly become too much. If the top makes a statement…let it. Also, remember that less is more when it comes to ruffles. Keep your look simple and stylish.

So keep your eye out for Fall wear. It’s never too early! All the preparation will be more than worth it when the cool air blows in, and you are able to strut your new look.

Always remember to buy pieces that you would actually wear. The most fashionable pieces will bring no love to the world while hanging in the closet. Buy what you like and love what you wear!

1. Catherine Malandrino Fall 2008 RTW
2. MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Bramble Tweed’ Top $328
3. Carlos Miele Fall 2008 RTW
4. Tufi Duek Black Foliage Printed Silk Halter Dress $462 Now: $389.99
5. Chanel Pre-Fall 2008 RTW
6. Alvin Valley Brown Tweed Double Breasted Cropped Jacket $300 Now: $239.99
7. Oscar de la Renta Fall 2008 RTW
8. Tory Burch Navy Polka Dot Voile ‘Rachel’ Ruffle Top $111 Now: $89.99

Image Layout: Jessica Piraro

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