Beauty News. New Sun Pill Giving Tanorexics Reason to Celebrate!

August 19, 2008 • Beauty

Don’t look like Magda from ‘There’s Something About Mary’!

Sun worshipers rejoice! According to the NY Post, there is now over-the-counter pill claims to protect your skin from the sun. Be warned, doctors recommend taking it in conjunction with – not instead of – sunscreen.

Heliocare ( is an all-natural oral antioxidant that claims to helps maintain skin’s ability to protect itself from UV ray damage and aging. A bottle of 60 capsules sells online for $62.99 and is also available at pharmacies.

It’s made from a fern extract that works as a "potent oral supplement," says Dr. Albert Lefkovits, a Park Avenue dermatologist and associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai who recommends it to his sun-sensitive patients to be used along with sunscreen.

"Heliocare increases tolerance to the sun and absorbs free radicals – the substances that can damage the DNA in skin cells," Lefkovits says, adding that it also helps minimize the effects of aging….bonus!

Heliocare pills are best for those who are fair-skinned and burn easily, or people on phototoxic medications or tranquilizers and skin cancer patients – as long as they aren’t pregnant, nursing or under 10.

Source: NY Post

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