Televised Style. New Anne Hathway, James Franco Ads.

August 19, 2008 • Lifestyle

I have a total fascination with luxury fragrance TV ads. I love that they seem so high end and feature major stars, but can show up during any old TV show. I love that they are often serious to the point of being hilarious. I love that they all feature a constantly meandering spokesperson, often saying random, nonsensical things in a vague storyline. And they almost all have mirrors. The new Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme commercial, featuring James Franco, is no exception. Coasting on the fame of his old Spider-Man days and his new Pineapple Express success, we think he was a great choice for Gucci.

Also I’m loving the new Lancome perfume ad, featuring Anne Hathway. She’s classically gorgeous but I could do without the hair extensions. C’est magnifique!

And now for a throwback– Keira Knightley for Chanel. I’m excited to see Emma Watson (aka, Hermione Granger) taking over as the Coco Mademoiselle girl, but this ad is pretty much the pinnacle of the celebrity fragrance commercial. Can Watson work a bowler hat like Knightley? We shall see.

Who would you want to see in your scent’s luxury TV ad? Who would sing the accompanying theme? (Hopefully not Joss Stone, like in the above Chanel ad…) I’d go with Bob Dylan— remember him in the Victoria’s Secret campaign? While you’re thinking, enjoy this little Tuesday viewing session.

– Hayley Wells

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