TV News. Bravo Hits the Web, Hard.

August 19, 2008 • Magazine


Bravo is launching a new section of their website,, called B-Hive, to bring the viewer more info on their favorite shows. Things that will be included at the new online forum? Games like Project Runway Bingo, instructions on how to play the judges, and custom drink recipes and instructions for a Project Runway tea party. A little something for the super-fan in all of us, in other words.

“Ideally, we want [fans] to feel invested and be brand ambassadors,”
said Bravo senior vice president of digital and new media Lisa Hsia. Will initiatives like this one get you further involved in the show before it moves on over to Lifetime? Or are you currently checking out one season early, despite Bravo’s attempts to amp up fandom? And why would Bravo want to lure you in right before they lose the show? Seems like creating loyal and involved fans would benefit Lifetime more than Bravo, since this season, the last on Bravo, is halfway over. Hmm.


The Cut suggests this course of action: "So after you host your fantasy Project Runway tea party — and act out a scene in which Heidi Klum  and Nina Garcia argue over who has more fashion-industry cred, while Michael Kors and Tim Gunn get into a sparring match with their witty one-liners — you can share your photos from the festivities on B-Hive." That actually sounds like fun…

Other Bravo shows will be covered, too, like Top Chef and Flipping Out. Read more here before you decide to join the Bravo fan community!

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