WTF Was She Thinking?! Bad Celeb Style: Special Edition.

August 19, 2008 • Fashion

The ALMA Awards. A veritable playground of bad celeb style. First of all, we’d like to highlight the WTFugly hairdos from this weekend.

Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Ashley Tisdale




Badly bobbed, oddly coiffed, and strangely shaggy? We thought that was bad… and then we saw Paula Abdul.


Whoa. Now that is a hair-don’t.

Paula Was Thinking: Nothing. As widely demonstrated on American Idol, Paula does not think. Ever.

They Were Thinking: I can’t believe I just got grouped in with Paula!

And then… we saw the rest of Paula.


We like that she is paying homage to the night’s theme with something a little Latin inspired, but… that is just crazy. Totally incomprehensible. A head-scratcher.

She Was Thinking: Olé!

And now, the many looks of Eva Longoria, the show’s hostess (and producer!).





So much formal wear, so little success! They aren’t that bad (except for the last one), but something is definitely off in all these looks. Maybe it’s the hair again. Or maybe it was the pressure of hosting.

She Was Thinking: Surely if I change wardrobe enough, my odds of looking good go up!

We figure that’s enough snark for this week… at least until Friday’s WTF. See you then!

– Hayley Wells

Photos: WireImage, Go Fug Yourself

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  1. Eva frequently falls into the “don’t” list for me. She needs a new stylist — that hair is awful!

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