Fashion Week. LA on its Last Legs?

August 20, 2008 • Fashion


Let’s face facts here, people. LA Fashion Week has never held a candle to NY Fashion Week. With the inclusion of celebrity designers and other such atrocities, Hollywood’s week en vogue can’t rival the established fashion of New York and it’s celebration of collections that is both tradition-driven and groundbreaking, every year. But it seems that LA has finally hit a real demise that might end the line of Smashbox produced fashion weeks.

According to Racked, "Several people involved with the shows say the partnership between IMG and Culver City’s Smashbox Studios, which has lasted five years, will end after a last round of presentations this October." Furthermore, they raise the good point that, "The truth is the application of the NY Fashion Week structure on LA has never quite worked," and that makes perfect sense. We’re hoping another company takes over the production and provides LA with a fashion week that suits and celebrates the city and its attitudes. With a country as big and diverse as ours, we could easily sustain two fashion weeks with totally different characteristics.

But a little part of us wants Chicago’s fashion week to take the second spot…   

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