Retail Detail. Are You Also Suffering From Eco-Exhaustion or Have You Been Greenwashed?

August 20, 2008 • Shopping


Am I the only person suffering from green fatigue? I thought so until I read a recent article in AdAge. Apparently, I am not the only one tired of being told I should buy sustainable fashion for twice the price and skip nailpolish altogether (the horror!). A wave of green fatigue, eco-exhaustion and environmental anxiety is spreading among consumers. Overwhelmed by choices, disgusted by corporate hype and living with the fear their efforts will never be enough, people are tuning out, say the experts. Thank GOD! I thought is was just me. What a relief!

Who hasn’t jumped on the "green" bandwagon? It just feels like a trend. A marketing ploy. However, it’s not all hype. Greenwashing is happening left and right. Over-the-top claims by companies jumping on the "eco" bandwagon are being met with suspicion and are eroding consumer trust. Then, sadly, when true progress is made by companies pushing the boundaries little is mentioned in the mainstream press.

We are bombarded by  so much "helpful" advice that we’re becoming consumed with anxiety over making the right decision. Local or organic? Carpool or green tags? Bath or shower? The choices are endless. And just when you think you’re making the right one, you find out that’s not right either.

Click here for 7 Tips to Avoid Eco-Fatigue.

Source: AdAge
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