Runway to Real Way. Fall in Love with Fall

August 20, 2008 • Runway/Realway


Jenn Scott for Second City Style Magazine

As the summer months quickly fade away, many fashionistas are
getting geared for their favorite time of year. It’s just around the
corner now, and it is already on every trend seeker’s mind. You guessed it…Fall! Even though the days are still long, and it’s still entirely too hot outside, it’s not too early to start piecing together your Fall wardrobe.

Designers have already started to prepare for this coveted time of
year, and they never disappoint with what they create! This season is
no exception. With the runway boasting a rich color palette and
to-die-for textures, this season will be easy to fall for.

So as the summer fades into another season, here are some things to crave when the air starts to cool!

Retro anyone? The mark of any good generation is
the lasting effect that its style had on people. It’s no surprise with
the vibrant colors and classic cuts that the retro culture leaves us
begging for more. In honor of years past, raid your Mom’s closet! If
you can’t find anything there, plenty will be offered this season in
remembrance of the good ol’ days.

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