Celebrity (Sort of) Designers. Rachel Zoe Teases Us with Lifestyle Brand.

August 22, 2008 • Celebrity Style


So there is, in fact, a reason that Rachel Zoe got her own TV show! The celeb stylist (whose own status as a celebrity is debatable… she’s not exactly a household name yet) is using the reality TV platform to work her way towards a lifestyle brand of her own. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not buying the Zoe lifestyle… especially if it features eating only a grapefruit and coffee all day.

She told Fashionologie, "My goal is to create a lifestyle brand.  Something that there’s no
limit to… that will go from belts and sunglasses to jewelry and
clothes and fragrance and home
." Of course, all touched by her vintage 60s and 70s style. She also claims to want to make her line "affordable"– which seems odd because we couldn’t count the number of times huge sums of money were mentioned on her show’s preview. Omigod, this dress is a billion dollars, and these shoes are a million per shoe! Bananas! But Zoe claims, "I think that my number one goal is to bring a fantasy element to
reality and make things affordable for people within any kind of
." Yeah, okay.

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