WTF Was She Thinking?! The Week in Bad Celeb Style.

August 22, 2008 • Fashion

We thought nothing would top the ALMA Awards this week, but The House Bunny premiere brought in loads of bad fashion choices, too! But before we go there, let’s take a look at this.

Dania Ramirez at the Imagen Awards


So by now, we are used to the Heroes actress’s awkward posing. We’re also accustomed to thinking: Wow, it looks like they cloned J. Lo! But we are not yet prepared for that amount of feathers, nor do we think we’ll ever be. Take a look at the 360 shot and her hair for the full WTF moment…


It’s like a poodle skirt sock-hop look gone wrong.

She Was Thinking:
The worst dressed list is the best way to get more famous!

And now onto the bunnies. Many of the stars of the movie struck out. For instance…

Rumer Willis


The dress in itself isn’t so bad, but the fit is. It gives her a bad case of low-boob. But Mom and Dad (and Step-Ashton) still love her!


She Was Thinking:
I clearly inherited my fugly tendencies from Dad.

Kat McPhee


That is just… uncomfortable. Bridal gone bad.

She Was Thinking:
I should have stuck to singing.

Anna Faris


Seriously? You wore that to your first starring role premiere?

She Was Thinking:
Some of my character’s dumbness must have rubbed off…

Jenna Dewan


Her killer body is hidden beneath that fugly print.

She Was Thinking:
Don’t judge me, I’m dating the hottest guy on Earth. Channing Tatum, in case you didn’t know. Yeah, I landed HIM.

And we’ll throw in the Girls Next Door for good measure…


Tacky clothes are kind of their thing, but they’ve really outdone themselves.

Holly Was Thinking: I’m gonna kill Kendra.

Kendra Was Thinking: I’m gonna kill Holly.

Bridget Was Thinking:
When they kill each other, I get Hef!

Hef Was Thinking:
I’m totally finding new girlfriends here tonight…

Until next week!

– Hayley Wells


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