Fashion. Our Worst Nightmare in French Vogue.

August 25, 2008 • Fashion

Take a look at the following shots from a fashion editorial in September’s French Vogue. A rising superstar model, edgy poses, ambient lighting, vibrant colors. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?




But in this final shot, take a look at Miss Raquel Zimmerman‘s feet. And then ask yourself, who styled this shoot? And why would they do this? Is it cheeky or is it crazy? Does it make you think, hey… maybe they aren’t so bad! Or does it make you want to light your French Vogue on fire? Or is the footwear just a part of the environment, like the rest of the broken glass and concrete of her sewer-looking surroundings? Are they the only shoes that come in that lurid shade of orange?


Yes, ladies (and gentlemen?), those are Crocs. No, not Sketchers… Crocs. Our whole world is falling down! Crocs are great for gardening, or other activities where you aren’t sure if your feet might run into water, dirt, sand, or all of the above. White Crocs are fine for chefs or nurses– admirable occupations where shoe choice is not so important, as long as you can stand in them all the livelong day. But on the pages of French Vogue? We bet the product in her hair costs more than the shoes on her feet. A strange thought.

Source: The Cut

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  1. sissy says:

    So what the hell is so-called fashion in the end? I read an article on a designer’s blog on ( said the fashion today is = weird and dirty, we need to define fashion again, what do u think?

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