Olympic Beauty. Bronzer for Your Bronze.

August 25, 2008 • Beauty


As if you don’t feel bad enough getting congratulated for your third place finish, Nastia Liukin, Physicians Formula has found a way to make it, if not worse, then definitely weirder.


The beauty brand is supplying all female bronze medal winners of the USA and Canada Olympic teams with a lifetime supply of bronzer. Physicians Formula boasts 40 different bronzers, so at least the third place winners will be able to find one that will match their skin tone perfectly. And maybe a focus on bronzer will steer the gymnasts away from their fixation on blue eyeshadow and glitter hairspray.


You know who would love this? Blayne from Project Runway. After all, he did claim he was an Olympic, elite-level tanner. But in the Olympics of tanning, you can only win the bronze medal… and it’s bronze-licious.

Source: WWD

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