Spotted. Worst Celeb Trends of Pre-Fall.

August 25, 2008 • Celebrity Style

Mid-August, say what? Can’t believe the summer is pretty much over? Guess celebs are noticing it too because we can’t figure out if their newest fashion finds are for summer or the coming fall season. 

Not to mention that they’re not quite so appealing…let’s take a look.

Knee-High Boots


Are Rihanna’s Balenciaga gladiator sandals of summer turning into the knee-high lace-up boots of fall? Yes, we know Madonna wore this over-the-top getup to a performance for her Sticky & Sweet tour. But we’re wondering if this means we’re going to start seeing ugly lace-up boots parading around NYC come September. Or perhaps it will be those pleather numbers a la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Be on the lookout.


Aubrey O’Day shows us what not to do!!

Bowler Hats

Our own Bob Fosse Broadway days are over, but apparently Rachel Bilson’s are just getting started.  She wore this topper to a club in LA nonetheless and we’re wondering why she didn’t complete it with a  black leotard and knee highs like Liza Minelli in Cabaret.

Regardless, she can pull it off, but this fall, can you?


We could have told you that the sequins of summer were over, but apparently not as Heidi Montag is floating them into Fall. Ugh, Heidi didn’t we tell you bubble-gum pink and gold metallic spandex were gone with the days of Lindsay Lohan leggings?

Pink Is the New Black?


You can’t really go wrong with black. It’s a given for fall and celebs like Selma Blair wear it quite nicely. But lately, we’ve been seeing our fave celebs add a whole new flavor–in the form of bubble-gum pink.

Yuck! We were hoping for patterned shoes or even strappy silver sandals, but pink heels? Please. Ashley Tisdale, leave them back in summer with Heidi Montag’s stand out sequins. 


What trend post is complete without those pegged jeans all the celebs have been wearing around town? And what gives? Are they getting lazy? I’d rather see tightly made-for-cuff pants then these haphazard roll-ups in the form of Amanda Peet’s boyfriend jeans. Ugh, Katie Holmes, what have you started??

Photos: Planet Funk, People, FWD

–Simona Kogan

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One Response to Spotted. Worst Celeb Trends of Pre-Fall.

  1. Jessie says:

    I’m going to have to completely disagree with you. I think the roll up is cute, albeit no more red carpet appropriate than most summer beach/park dresses.
    In my opinion trends can either be wholly unflattering and aesthetically unappealing (only to be dared by those who are truly in love with it and will do anything to make it work), appealing and form flattering/neutral, or form flattering/neutral and aesthetically ambivalent. I feel the peg leg is a falls into the third and is something where you say it isn’t for me, but I could see someone else wearing it. Many prints such as ikat and ombre fall into those categories with me and I would never flat out bash them, I think to do so would be closed minded and inflexible.

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