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August 26, 2008 • Male Box


Joseph Ungoco for Second City Style Magazine

Much fuss is made in the mainstream news media regarding political correctness, but few fashion journalists are intrepid enough to tackle the glaring issue of seasonal correctness.
Although the old-school rules like wearing white only between the
Memorial and Labor Day holidays have fallen by the wayside like so much
fashion roadkill, a certain amount of attention has to be paid toward
keeping your attire “seasonally correct”. [I myself never put much
stock in the summer white rule. As a Southern Californian at heart,
regardless of where I am, I still wear white well into the fall or at
least until I break out the winter whites. As a practicing Catholic, I
always start wearing white at Easter, regardless of how early that date
falls before Memorial Day.]

When I first moved to the East Coast to attend Boston University, I
couldn’t wait to don the preppy Polo by Ralph Lauren sweaters and
Brooks Brothers duffle coats I had seen on all the happy students
sitting on rolling lawns in all the college marketing materials. To this day, I still like to break out my favorite fall items right after Labor Day.
In fact, Labor Day really is truly a day of labor for me – the
extremely hard manual labor of converting my closet. As fashion rules
evolve – or is that dissolve – and global warming almost guarantees us
an Indian Summer in all parts of the US, the idea of putting all of our spring and summer wardrobes into long term storage seems impractical. 

However, I feel strongly that certain rules still apply. That glorious white Catherine Maladrino backless halter dress in eyelet just seems so wrong – even just one day after Labor Day.
For the Fashion crowd, “Back to School” means being armed for the
mortal combat that is Fashion Week in New York. Editors have been
planning since February when we were reviewing the fall fashion shows
but were also making mental notes about what we planned to buy – and
borrow. Pre-Fall merchandise started hitting stores and boutiques in
June. Surf and sand is lovely, but a rigorous schedule of summer
shopping ensures that you’re not scrambling for something to wear the
first week of September.

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