Blahnik Tonic. For The Politically Inclined…

August 27, 2008 • Accessories

Is the Democratic National Convention getting you all revved up for political fashion? Do you consider Michelle or Cindy your new style inspiration? Do you think Obama could cinch his win by trying out something other than the navy blue suit? Do you simply have the uncontainable desire to wear your political leanings on your feet? Check THESE out.

If you’re voting Republican, some elephants might tickle your foot fancy.

Or do you want to donkey-kick your conservative opposition? Try these.

Uncomfortable with both parties but still want something comfy on your feet? Oh, we’ve got you covered.


These slip-on statements from Toms Shoes are pretty funny, and a percentage of  proceeds from every purchase is donating to charity. Can’t beat that.

Source: Barking Dog Shoes

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