Celeb Designers. Or At Least, People Who Used to Be Celebrities are Designing.

August 27, 2008 • Fashion

Do fashion execs know something we don’t know about semi-famous or washed-up people being able to sell clothes better than… you know… actual designers? Maybe there is some magical combo of former fame, name recognition and cheap clothes that is more successful than investing in up-and-coming designers with good ideas, creativity and talent?  We’re baffled.

The only picture we could find of Tara Reid with a bra on

But anyway, what spawned these questions is the fact that Tara Reid is now endorsing designing a line of clothing called Mantra. We agree with the folks at Jezebel, who stated, "I think we can all agree that there’s a real dearth of trashy fashion
lines by C-List stars. Thank god Tara Reid is filling the void with Mantra," and Perez Hilton who mentioned, "If you need something for your next trip to Cancun or if you’re auditioning for a porno, then Tara’s clothes are just for you!"

The line recently debuted, appropriately, in Vegas, and contained t-shirts, dresses, bikinis, ponchos and hoodies decorated with beads and charms. Thanks, but no thanks.

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