Beauty News. Lush Employees Go Naked For a Cause.

August 28, 2008 • Beauty

We love Lush products, and not just because they are environmentally friendly. But, we support that, too. Just not as strongly as these Lush employees…


The reason they are naked? They were prancing around the streets of NYC protesting the beauty industry’s tendency to overdress its products. And we agree! Does a little bitty product need the packaging of something much larger? Can we draw the line at a box, and not include the plastic, tissue, bag, and extra outer box? According to WWD, "Roughly 16 store associates at the brand’s Herald Square, Union Square
and SoHo locations volunteered to don only an apron reading, “Ask me
why I’m naked,” which offered frontal coverage but still allowed for a
very cheeky view
." Did you run into any? We want sightings! The run-ins with police were brief, and the force was relatively supportive.

Lush itself is fighting the packaging craze with its own package-less products. Designed to resemble fresh grocery or deli purchases, they often come with no packaging whatsoever. On top of that, "packaged
Lush products come in material made of 100 percent postconsumer waste,
according to the firm, which estimates that three million plastic
were saved last year as a result of customers buying solid
shampoo bars." Bravo!

Learn more about Lush here.

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