Project Runway Season 5. “Baby You Can Drive My Car” an Ode to Blayne’s Beatles. Memorable Quotes from Episode 7

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This week the challenge was automotive in nature. The utmost in obnoxious product placement (which we have come to expect from PR), Saturn was able to hawk their eco-friendly Vue hybrid to the masses (I ask, what fashionista would drive it?). The remaining ten designers were told to meet on the roof of 142 W. 31st St. (I presumed to jump off) to learn of their next challenge. In a nutshell it was to redeem themselves from the first supermarket challenge (which most  blew by using an obvious shower curtain/tablecloth). The challenge was to show how innovative they were by using the raw materials from the cars to make their designs. Blow torches were not needed, as the 5 hybrids were jammed with the raw materials. They had 4 minutes to grab what they could. It would seem the cars are made of mostly seatbelts.

Once mirrors were smashed and carburetors were traded for lights back at the workroom at Parsons, the designers quickly found working with these materials was painful! Stella decided to abandon her rocker style and go for something more feminine (OK, in her mind) and Keith struggled with his confidence after having been ripped a new one last week. Joe had immunity. Oh and we learned that Stella’s boyfriend’s name is Ratbones…how perfect!

To the runway! The guest judges this week were Laura Bennett from the previous season in for an absent Nina Garcia and Rachel Zoe (our fave!). Leanne and Jerell both rocked the runway with daring mini dresses both of which Heidi Klum drooled over (of course the shorter the better!). Rachel went nuts for Korto’s car coat. Blayne’s outfit fit poorly and had a carwash skirt which Michael Kors hated, and Stella’s outfit was disjointed. Keith self-destructed before our very eyes…which was actually sad.

In the end, Leanne rightfully won and Keith rightfully got auf’d! Now, for the memorable quotes!

I’m scaaaaared! – The very annoying and grating Kenley

The roof, the roof, the roof is fire!
– everyone in an ode to the Bloodhound Gang

I’m from Motor City so this is right up my alley. – Joe about the challenge

I grabbed a headlight. You know maybe I’ll work it into a brooch.
– Jerell

I think I have some seat covers, I have some carburetors, I have some lights. I have so many whackadoodle things I don’t know what I’m going to make with this stuff. – Suede

Da, da, da. I’m not even dealing with rushing around like a fool, how embarrassing like rushing. I’m not moving. – Stella

I’ll trade somebody a carburetor for a light. – Joe

I don’t want to make a leather dress because that’s not innovative, but there hasn’t been an outfit where I haven’t hammered, (no idea?), grommetted. I don’t know. I’m a little confused like what am I going to do? I have to let ideas come into my head. – Stella

I am making a top out of a thick rubber floor mat so that’s pretty whackadoodle. Suede has cuts from breaking all the glass I’m now not using, blisters from using these giant scissors to cut rubber floor mats. Here we go. This is blood for fashion and I’m bleeding it baby! – Suede

I just really want to do something pretty.
– Stella (WTF?)

I’m going for day-to-day wearable with a touch of avant guard.
– Korto

I am whistling Dixie. I’m feeling really good abut this. – Jerell (he should, his dress rocked).

Zexy – no idea

This is kinda look like Planet of the Apes, I think.
– Stella bout her hood

Luke, I am your father. – Blayne with Stella’s hood on his head. (We are still shocked he actually knew that movie/quote after admitting not knowing who the Beatles were last week!)

I wouldn’t trust my taste. Apparently it’s questionable.
– Keith (right there we knew he was going home).

Hi Tim-licious. – Blayne, duh.

Thank you. Love your face.
– Blayne to Tim Gunn (WTF?)

Keep it up! Do not lose your trajectory.
– Tim Gunn (for some reason I found this funny… f’ what?)

I am loving Korto’s scarecrow! man she has to do a whole lot of pressing to get those arms down cause right now it’s looking like Jeepers Creepers and everyone is going to have to run for cover when this thing comes attacking you. – Terri talking smack about Korto’s cool seatbelt coat.

I’m hating on you.
– Korto to Terri

She’s got two faces. Count them! Two of ’em and four patterns. That’s it – don’t trust the bitch. – Jerell about Terri after above comment to Korto.

Keith is kinda getting a little ‘tude.
– Blayne

It’s like an autoshop in here.
– Joe

Work it like there’s no tomorrow because for one of you…there won’t be. – Tim Gunn

You know that’s 7 years no sex. You broke the mirror.
– Heidi to Blayne

I am blown away. I think you can go right to Paris with this design. – Rachel Zoe

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– Lauren Dimet Waters


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  1. ellenk says:

    I thought the “Luke” comment was a voice over, not Blayne. He wouldn’t crack that wise so quickly.

  2. I’d have to agree with you, based on this challenge, it would seem that Saturn’s cars ARE made mostly out of seatbelts. Lots and lots of seatbelts 🙂
    I also agree that the winner and loser were the right choices. Sad to watch Keith self-destruct on-screen, but hey. Maybe it’ll be a good learning experience?
    Great recap, as always!

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