Finally Falling For Fall

August 31, 2008 • Magazine

Finally Falling For Fall

Finally Falling For Fall

Sun, 2008-08-31 08:00

Andra Naylor

Because I’m a warm weather girl, I waited as long as I possibly could to talk about trends for the upcoming season. But I can refrain no longer. The extra-thick September fashion issues have piled in my magazine rack and the department store catalogs have me starting my autumn shopping list. It’s time to shop for fall fashion.

Fall fashion has always been about interesting multi-piece outfits, but this season takes layering to a new level. Say goodbye to simple one-piece looks like the sundresses you wore this summer and say hello to some serious mixing and matching.


Let’s start with texture. And lots of it. I’m thinking chunky knits over silk ruffles upon wool cable tights tucked into leather patent shoes. was thinking similarly with pleasantly contrasting soft wools accented with stiff leather knee-high boots, while Erin Fetherson played with weight – an airy frock over opaque tights and a heavy wool pea coat topper. Oscar de la Renta also demonstrated tastefully-over-the-top (is that an oxymoron?) with satin ensembles accessorized with leather and fur. Whatever you’re thinking, keep layering it on.


This brings us to color. Like textures, this season is for playing with color like you never have before. I’ll be taking a lot of cues from J.Crew, especially when it comes to an ensemble like the Lydia ruffle solid blouse in plum paired with a pencil skirt in bronzed ochre. Shades of brown (“root” to be exact) and yellow (“sour lemon”) and pink (“fresh guava”) also create a stylish harmony. Who knew color could be so fun?


We should all probably remove the word “clash” from our vocabulary for the next year or so. Because clashing is what it’s all about. Who better to take inspiration from than print-happy Anna Sui? Her fall runway collection was packed with contrasting print – all the way down to the tights. Dolce & Gabbana also inspired with a mix of plaids and stripes that come together surprisingly well. So be brave this season and layer it on!

1. Erin Fetherson
2. Louis Vuitton
3. Oscar de la Renta
4. J.Crew Blouse
5. J.Crew Sweater
6. Anna Sui
7. Dolce & Gabbana

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Image layout: Jessica Piraro

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